June 20, 2014

Wow it’s been a while!

So sorry for the lack of updates! Lemme catch you up from where we left off…

Went to Australia for 22 days. Toured around with my old pal Mick Lindsay. Got back on April 29th went straight in to May, kicking ass. On May 13th, I went down to the Florida Keys. Saw some awesome friends, made some new ones, played the Key Largo Original Music Fest. Came back to Nashville, rock ‘n rolled, then the Aussies flew to America! Met up with Mick and the boys (Jimboss & Ryley) in VEGAS – Cause it ain’t the same without your friends! Then the boys came to Nashville for a solid 11 days. Bacon, beer, country music for everyone. We played some shows, and had a great time at CMA fest where we had our First Annual Bathrobe Sunday! It was a success. I’m not sure what the goal was, but whatever the case – we won. Haha. The boys flew back home and I have been recovering ever since!

Now, I’ve been working on some new music. Just laid down some tracks on Monday, headed back to the studio next week to follow up. While I’m taking this time to work on my creative, I decided to do some resident gigs in Nashville 3-5 days a week! Check out the calendar so you can see us live sometime soon while you’re visiting Music City!

Here’s a pic with the boys from #BathrobeSunday


March 27, 2014

Australia – April 2014

Hey friends! I’ll be headed south (the real Deep South) in April for a fun month of touring with one of my best buds, Mick Lindsay.

Mick is gearing up to release his first full length record, and he’s ask me to come along as tour support! I can’t wait to see all of my friends down under. It’s been 2.5 yrs since I was last in Oz!!

I’ll be bringing over T-shirts, EP’s, and CD’s, make sure you pick one OR all of them up at a show! FYI: (They won’t be available online to purchase until mid summer) Thanks to Fireball Whisky, I’ll be bringing over some American culture (for those of legal drinking age) to try.

Here’s a press release about the first stop on the tour, the Dirt ‘N Dust Festival:

“One of Nashville’s most exciting independent artists will give visitors at this year’s Julia Creek Dirt n Dust Festival a taste of the rising New Americana genre when he plays at the small town’s big weekend on April 11-13, 2014.

Jer Gregg is one of the pioneering forces in the New Americana sound – an easy-on-the-ears mix of country, rock, soul, folk and blues – with his debut album Otis reaching #26 on the iTunes singer/songwriter charts, out-striping greats such as Bob Dylan and Leonard Cohen.

Gregg said many of the songs on Otis were penned during his first trip to Australia in 2011.”

For more info and the full press release, follow the link above.


January 4, 2014

Happy New Year!!!

I’m an old soul of sorts. I was born in the 80s, grew up in the 90s, and think that living in the 00s is just weird to look at sometimes; wondering when out cars will start flying and such.

Maybe it’s just me getting older and there is so much new all the time?

I try to stay as simple as I can. One guitar, one amp, one (or two pedals :). I’m always for a new year and what it will bring. The songs, the shows, the people, and even technology (I’m a total nerd). I have one promise for you all… I’m gonna go back in time. Gonna go back to when guitars, drums, and bass was all you needed. Gonna bring you some dirty rock ‘n roll straight from the Heartland. Thanks for always supporting us and what we do. Thanks for loving us for who we are and what we have to offer. Happy new year everyone!!!

JG and the fellas.


December 10, 2013


Whoa. Busy fall now it’s winter????? Well, thanksgiving was great… Christmas is near, and NYE is around the corner!! Nearly 20 dates booked in January and UK tour 2014 is in March! Thanks to everyone who has supported us this year and those of you who continue to do so! I’ll update more often. I PROMISE. Love you

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August 2, 2013

Fall tour!!

Wow, it’s been one helluva summer. We’ve been ev-er-y-where… Man. If you’re Tennessee based, check us out every Sunday in Nashville @ Paradise Park 10pm. Also, look for us in Knoxville – we will be playing KNOX 3 weekends in August!!! Hope to see you fine folks back in the UK late 2013… already working on tour #6. Follow our tour dates as we span from Indianapolis to the East Coast and the SEC market. And as always thanks to our sponsors Breedlove Guitars and Pedaltrain pedal boards! Cheers. See you all very soon!


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June 11, 2013

Hey June


We kicked off the month of June with a bang!! Mick Lindsay and Jimboss Graham of Australia came and had a great week in Nashville at the CMA fest. Working on new material this summer, and slowing down the shows so I can enjoy the sun while writing you pretty songs. Want me to come back to your town? Post on our Facebook page! Cheers! Hope the summer is starting off great for y’all!


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April 8, 2013

It’s April already???

Wow… It’s April. 4 months in to 2013? But we ain’t slowing down yet!! Plenty of dates on the calendar, and more to come. This coming weekend we are doing a HUGE show in Nashville at the legendary 12th and Porter. Featuring Radio Romance, Daniel Eagle, Fisher & Cain… with me and the boys of course 😉

Friday April 12th $7/730pm @ 12th and Porter
Saturday April 13th @ Tin Roof LOUISVILLE 10pm

Hope to see you party animals soon!


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March 18, 2013

UK TOUR 2013

Man oh man!!! This tour over in the UK has been great. We started out in Inverness, Scotland and worked our way down and across to Torquay, England. What beautiful countryside. I’m heading up to Oxfordshire tomorrow for a radio interview and an intimate gig. Then on Thursday I’m playing my finale gig in Greenwich at the Icarus Club. Thanks for being apart of so much music!!! Many thanks to y’all that made it out and the bands and clubs that supported all the way. And a huge thank you to my main man, Martin Furlong of Black Cat Music for making th

Martin and I doing laundry!! Lol

February 15, 2013

Goodbye, Otis

Today we celebrate the life of my grandfather, Otis. Most folks thought he had already passed when I had released the album “Otis”. However, on the record, I had written a song for my deceased grandfather Jack Gregg called “Soul Child” and “The Queen Mary” for my deceased grandmother Mary Bough. I wanted to pay homage to, Otis, who introduced the love and magic of music into our lives. Thank you so much for that and your love. I miss you dearly. I sang a song to you this morning after I heard the news, I hope you heard it. I hope heaven is a safe and comfortable place. Good bye papaw Bough, I’ll be seeing you.


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February 6, 2013

Is it still winter???


It’s February but I’m running around Nashville in a tank top and shorts! What??!?! This is why I love the south. I don’t have to freeze to death for a few months out of the year!!!


The real topic is the 2013 UK Tour!! Starting March 5th-21st I’ll be traveling around the UK playing quite a few dates. I’ll also be interviewing and writing and probably drinking loads of Guinness. That’s how you roll with the Brits! Check out the tour dates to see if we’re in your neck of the woods… Speaking of that, I wonder if we’ll find Robin Hood up in Nottingham. Tata for now!


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