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Jer Gregg - Musician - Nashville, Tennessee
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Jer Gregg - Musician - Nashville, Tennessee
Jer Gregg - Musician - Logo

In the heart of Nashville's music scene, Jer Gregg's remarkable story unfolds—a narrative marked by resilience, creative brilliance, and an enduring influence on the city's musical fabric. Hailing from Elwood, Indiana, Jer's journey interweaves a range of talents that not only shape his own path but also resonate deeply within the soul of Nashville's diverse musical landscape.

Guided by the echoes of country melodies and rock 'n' roll rhythms from his upbringing in a 200-year-old log cabin, Jer's passion for music ignited early. His arrival in Nashville in 2007 marked the beginning of a transformative 16-year chapter. Progressing from skilled musician to roles such as tour and production manager, Jer immersed himself in the intricate layers of live performances, gaining invaluable insights.

Despite challenges, including a vocal injury in 2014 that shifted his artistic direction, Jer's resilience shone through. Over nine years of dedicated vocal rehab, therapy, and mentorship from Nashville's vocal coaches, he steadfastly worked to reclaim his voice, underscoring his unwavering commitment to his craft.

Jer's musical dexterity spans guitar, bass, mandolin, and harmonica, while his eclectic taste— from country to icons like Jimi Hendrix—enriches his compositions. Beyond the music, a harmonious balance resonates in Jer's life with his wife, Gabrielle, and their cherished dogs.

Jer Gregg's global journey, from the UK to Australia, has captivated audiences with magnetic melodies that transcend geographical borders. Moreover, as Director of Entertainment for a prominent nightlife group, he curates over 280 weekly shows of varying genres. This role allows him to nurture artists and guide their growth, enhancing their performances on stage.

Jer Gregg embodies the essence of triumph over challenges, personifying artistic evolution. As each note he plays and each stage he graces leaves an indelible mark, his name becomes intricately woven into the very tapestry of Nashville's vibrant musical legacy.



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Jer Gregg - Musician - Nashville, Tennessee

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